Campers in our Senior Division (entering Grades 4-7) will participate in the club of their choice each 2-week session. Over the course of each week, 2.5 hours will be spent participating in their clubs. iClubs are selected during the online registration process.

2019 iClubs:

Campers will learn the basics of guitar playing: holding the guitar and using a pick. Then, they will master common chords and learn to play several tunes. This iClub will be led by Jean Kovacs, music teacher.

This iClub will emphasize forehand and backhand drive, serve, footwork, rules, correct form, and court etiquette.  

Pinewood Derby

Campers will build and decorate their own race cars and compete in a professional Pinewood Derby.

Glass Fusion
Under the guidance of instructors from The Clay Date, campers will create their own glass sun catchers or trivets using an assortment of colored glass and special tools. 

Campers will learn proper body positioning, push-off and stop techniques, turning, carving, 180°s and different tricks. Safety equipment will be worn at all times.  

Face Painting 101
Lauren Wilson of Animate My Face in New Haven will teach the campers cool techniques and styles that they will be able to practice and implement each day!