Campers in our Senior Division (entering Grades 4-7) will participate in the club of their choice each 2-week session. Over the course of each week, 2.5 hours will be spent participating in their clubs. iClubs are selected during the online registration process.

2018 iClubs:

Raingutter Regatta
Campers will learn about the physics of sailboat racing, and then design and create their own mini sailboats and race them in raingutters! 

Campers will learn the basics of playing the recorder. By the end of this iClub, campers will be able to play several tunes on this fun musical instrument. Led by a music teacher. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

In this iClub, aspiring young actors will shine! With the help of a drama teacher, learn to write scripts, create a storyboard, and film scenes, all starring you. At the end of the session, campers will receive a keepsake DVD of their professionally-edited performance.

Balloon Sculpting
Under the guidance of a professional clown, campers will learn to "sculpt" balloons into different animals and object. This is a skill that will come into good (and fun!) use. 

Wilderness Survival
From building a shelter to making a fire to water purification, campers will get into the outdoors and learn about surviving in the wilderness. This hands-on iClub will teach the basic techniques and educate about nature's resources. 

String Art 
Using a hammer and nails, campers will outline their design and then thread metallic string to create a masterpiece!