What are some of the changes we can expect at camp this summer and what is CGI doing to mitigate the risks?
While this summer's program will look different from what our families are used to, we will still operate our camp using our guiding principle of providing a fun summer experience in a safe environment. As of now (June 19, 2020) these are the changes we will be implementing based on CDC and ACA guidelines: 

  • Campers and staff will be screened daily for symptoms and temperatures will be taken.
  • Group sizes will be limited to 10 campers.
  • All staff will wear masks/face coverings.
  • Parents will not be allowed to accompany their child/children into the building in the morning. 
  • There will be no extended care (before or after camp).
  • There will be no swimming.
  • Only Jr. & Sr. Divisions will be going on field trips once weekly; transportation will be via 15-passenger vans. 
  • There will be additional waivers that address the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The camp day will end at 3:00 pm instead of 3:30 pm. 

Will the camp fees be adjusted?
Although we anticipate our per-camper cost actually being higher than in past years, camp fees have been lowered to $250/week. A host of expenses relating directly to Covid-19, including more maintenance staff to sanitize, PPE, water stations, extra supplies per bunk to avoid sharing, and a whole lot more, plus a limit on how many campers we can accept, will contribute to higher costs on our end. 

Can I cancel my reservations?
We respect your decision to do what you feel is best for your family. We understand that you may decide not to have your child join camp this summer, even if you have already registered. We have set a deadline of June 2 for anyone who has registered to let us know (in writing, via email) if they choose not to keep their spot. We will refund anyone who cancels their registration by that date. After June 2, we cannot offer refunds of any kind for not attending camp. While we have always been flexible in our registration and cancellation policies, due to the extensive planning and organizing that it will take to service the children safely in this new camp model, we are forced to set a deadline for cancellation refunds. 
Should you choose to cancel, you will have one of two options to receive a refund: 

  • Receive a full refund (less 3% processing fees); or
  • Choose to turn any amount of the refund into a donation to help us bridge our budget shortfall.

Where will camp be held this summer?
Camp will be held at Barnard Magnet School in New Haven.  

What about the last two weeks of camp?
As of now, the dates we are committed to opening are June 29-July 24 (4 weeks). If all goes as planned, there is a possibility we will continue until August 7 (additional 2 weeks). We will announce on July 13 (beginning of Week 3) whether or not we will be extending camp past this 4 week period.  

How will drop-off and pick-up work?
[The following is subject to change; we are still considering different options for these procedures.]
Drop-off will begin at 8:55 am. There will be a health screener each morning. Once the campers have been cleared to enter camp, they will be escorted to their groups by a staff member.  Finalized details and information regarding drop-off and pick-up will be forthcoming and will be included in our Summer 2020 Parent Handbook. 

What happens if my child gets sick at camp?
If your child becomes ill while at camp, we have an isolation protocol. They will be cared for by our staff in isolation until you come to pick them up. In instances of illness, parents will be required to pick up their child within one hour of being notified of their illness. In case of fever or other Covid symptoms, campers will not be able to return to camp unless they have a doctor's note.

What happens if someone in my child's group is diagnosed with Covid-19?
As per state guidelines, in the event, G‑d forbid, that a camper or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, that group (only) will need to shut down for 14 days and the 10 members of that group + staff will not be able to attend camp until the waiting period is over. Should that happen to your child's group, please understand that as CGI is already making the financial investment, we will only be able to offer a partial refund of 50% for missed days due to a Covid-19 shutdown.  

Is CGI following CDC and CT DPH guidelines?
Yes. We have received a special permit from the CT DPH to run camp this summer, as mandated by CT law. We have been in touch (often) with our contacts at the state and local level, discussing the situation and receiving feedback. We are working with other camps (locally and nationally) to identify best practices to keep our campers and staff as safe as possible.

Will my child/children have to wear a mask all day?
Campers are not required to wear masks; all staff members will. The only exception for staff is when outdoors and not within 6' of campers.

Will my child/children have to socially distance from their peers?
Campers within one group/cohort will be allowed to intermingle and will not be required to adhere to social distancing of 6'. We will still do our best to avoid touching. Campers may see campers from other groups when they are outdoors while maintaining social distance. 

What are your plans to clean and sanitize camp?
All camp equipment will be sanitized and disinfected between use by each group and with great frequency each day. 

How will you be cleaning these areas and supplies?
These will be disinfected with a product on the approved list of COVID 19 disinfectants.
What are your handwashing protocols?
Regular handwashing by staff and children with soap and water for at least 20 seconds will be done:

  • Upon arrival each morning
  • Before and after eating
  • After sneezing, coughing, or nose blowing
  • After using the rest room
  • Before handling food
  • After using any shared equipment 

If, for any reason, soap and water are not readily available, alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be used. Use of hand sanitizers will always be supervised by adults.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out at info@ganisraelnh.com.